Seven years bad luck?

The Columbus Blue Jackets and fans have suffered for 7 years. The NHL’s worst record. The only NHL team to never make the playoffs. Gut-wrenching losses in the last minute of games. Even NHL video reviews that continually went the other way.

Why? We have many great players, fans and a great coach. We also had perhaps the best owner in all of sports.

The answer is very simple. The Columbus Blue Jackets have a curse!

What’s the cause of the curse? Was it due to a broken mirror during construction? Perhaps a ghost from the Penitentiary? A Detroit fan who put a secret hex on our team?

No one knows for sure, just that the curse clearly exists. It is the only explanation for the pain and suffering of the past 7 years.


Read the comments to this article. It reveals more eerie theories and coincidences.

Fans have had thoughts of the curse for years. Read this blog entry from early 2006.

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