The “Shake the Curse” campaign is WORKING!

See STC in the media.

April 18: Damn the Joe.
Blue Jackets 0, Blackhawks 4

We have to leave these games behind us and rock it at home. Get ready Columbus!

April 16: Okay.
Blue Jackets 1, Blackhawks 4
Okay, okay. We're still in it. This was just a warm up.

April 8: The sky has parted.
Blue Jackets 4, Blackhawks 3, SO

Believe it. The Jackets are in the playoffs. Do you think we're happy? Well, let's just say – told you! Read More >>

March 21: Definition of defy.
Blue Jackets 3, Panthers 1

CBJ defies the curse with a huge win against Florida with 3 goals in the last 3 minutes of the game. The playoff picture is getting clearer. The inexorable march to hockey’s holy grail is getting more real.

March 15: Bring it back.
Blue Jackets 4, Blackhawks 3, OT

Exciting overtime game. The curse is trying but we are strong. Several blue wigs in the arena were spotted.

March 15: revenge?
Blue Jackets 0, Penguins 4

Ok. We made them look like Donkey's with wings in their own house last meeting, so they wanted revenge. We still know we can beat them, and bad.

March 13: STILL Streaking.
Blue Jackets 4, Penguins 3

Vermette is a keeper. Give that guy a blue wig!

March 12: Streaking.
Blue Jackets 4, Penguins 3, SO

Looks like a winning streak for us, leaving the Penguins out in the cold.

March 10: Sorry about your face again.
Blue Jackets 2, Bruins 0

Novotny hit the goalie so hard he broke his mask. That had to hurt – but so does a big goose egg.

March 7: Sorry about your face.
Blue Jackets 8, Redwings 2

We slapped the wings in the face with this one. I bet they're mad.

March 5: Hunted down.
Blue Jackets 2, Predators 4

We out shot them but our aim was off.

March 3: King me.
Blue Jackets 5, Kings 4

It was not pretty, but this strategically important game was an important victory.

March 1: Blinded.
Blue Jackets 1, Canucks 3

Mason was blinded by the Canucks. Our offense looked blind too.

February 29: grease the skids.
Blue Jackets 1, oilers 0

The Jackets knew this was important. The skids are greased and we're hoping for more.

February 24: Smoked.
Blue Jackets 1, Flames 4

We think Calgary's Pengrowth Saddledome is cursed too.

February 21: What the Duck.
Blue Jackets 2, Ducks 5

The Ducks looked good. We did not.

February 19: Leafs in a barrel.
Blue Jackets 4, Maple Leafs 3, SO

Our very tired Jackets pull-off a shootout win. Maybe not as easy as fish in a barrel but we'll take it.

February 18: BLue Blues.
Blue Jackets 4, Blues 3

Making us proud and the Blues blue. Nice work Jackets – especially Mason with 21 saves and one key save at the end.

February 16: Alignement.
Blue Jackets 2, Stars 3, SO

What an exciting game. But the Stars were aligned.
We are preparing for a playoff battle. Are you in? Read More >>

February 14: Love is serious.
Blue Jackets 3, Red Wings 2

The Blue Hairs are serious and the curse is hurting. Read More >>

February 7: You can't script this.
Blue Jackets 3, Sharks 2, OT

Of all the strange theories about the Jackets terrible luck, none could have been more unusual than the events that took place last night. Read More >>

January 31: Ouch.
Blue Jackets 3, Stars 7,

The CBJ tanked against the Dallas Stars. It was the CBJ of old – bad bounces, 4 hit posts, etc. Here's another reality: no Blue Hairs present for the game.

Come on Columbus, get on board!!!!!!! We need help to eradicate the curse.

The game before we had 8 Shake the Curse fanatics and we got a shutout. Last night no Blue Hairs and a huge loss.

Get a blue wig and a shaker and let's get this team to a playoff. Shake the Curse!


January 30: Senators vetoed.
Blue Jackets 1, Senators o,

Mason shutout his seventh game of the season. This win makes franchise history with the first ever three straight winning months. Read More.

January 27: Wings Clipped.
Blue Jackets 3, Redwings 2, OT

The Shake the Curse campaign has achieved a new high - the first ever Hair-Trick by a Blue Jacket! Rick Nash scored all three goals by the CBJ including the overtime winner to beat our #1 nemesis the Detroit Red Wings. Quite a nice beginning to the unofficial start of the playoff run. Read More.

January 19: High-Speed Affair.
Blue Jackets 6, Canucks 5, SO

Last night in Vancouver the CBJ won in a shootout 6-5. It was a wide-open, high-speed affair punctuated by lots of hitting and face washings. The CBJ pulled to within one point of a playoff slot.

January 13: Incredible.
Blue Jackets 4, Avalanche 3

Shake the Curse goes 11-4 at home with a win over Colorado. Blue Hairs get a call out on Fox TV, and 4 TV films a spot for Friday at 11. Shake Campaign and CBJ on a roll.

January 9: Huge win.
Blue Jackets 3, Capitals 0

Shutout vs Caps who were #1 in the NHL for home record.

December 29: retribution
Blue Jackets 2, Kings 0

Not a home game but a just win after the last face-off with the Kings. Nice work Jackets.

December 27: CBJ versus Philly
Blue Jackets 3, Flyers 0

The first sellout of the year! CBJ whipped a tough Philly team 3-0. ShaketheCurse campaign in full force.

December 23: Disastrous game
Blue Jackets 0, Kings 3

CBJ lost 3-0 against the LA Kings. Let’s pretend it never happened. One home loss in last 6 games is still pretty good.

December 17, 2008: 19 games since Shake the curse started
Blue Jackets 2, Sharks 1

San Jose is the NHL's highest point total team in history after the first 30 games. They descended on Nationwide Arena tonight to confront the Jackets. Unfortunately for the Sharks, they are no match for the Jackets on ice blessed with Holy Water. CBJ won 2-1 in overtime!

Event # 11 part 2: ICE BLESSING, December 13, 2008
Blue Jackets 3, Islanders 1

Yes, another home ice win as the CBJ beat the Islanders.  Four home wins in a row.  Some would argue that the curse eradication strategy is working.  Do you believe?

Event # 11: ICE BLESSING, December 11
Blue Jackets 2, Predators 1
The evil spirit eradication team snuck into Nationwide Arena on Monday, blessed the ice, and put Holy Water into the Zamboni. Did it help? Hell, yes! The CBJ overcame a late Nashville goal tonight and won in a shoot-out. See the video.

EVENT #10: DECEMBER 1, 2008
Blue Jackets 3, CANUCKS 2

CBJ pulls out a dramatic win that would never have happened "pre-Shake the Curse." Does anyone dispute that? Clearly the evil spirits were held at bay. Blue Hairs were seen by thousands on Fox Sports Net TV Coverage. We need more help in the stands. C'mon fans!! See the highlights.

Event #9: November 29, 2008
Blue Jackets 3, Capitals 0
A big confidence booster towards braking the playoff curse. The CBJ blanked the Washington Capitals and NHL goal scoring champ Ovechkin 3-0. Mason gets shutout #2. Sweet Mojo!

Event #8: November 22, 2008
Blue Jackets 2, Thrashers 0

The CBJ’s first shutout of the year with rookie Mason in goal. The 2-0 away effort was just what the witch doctor ordered.  A complete effort that neutralized the potent Atlanta shooters.

Event #7: November 18, 2008
Oilers 7, Blue Jackets 2

Once again, the curse raises its ugly head in Nationwide Arena. CBJ outshoots Edmonton 39-19 and still loses by 5 goals.  Clearly the evil spirits grabbed hold of Leclaire in goal.  

Event #6: November 15, 2008
Minnesota Wild 3, Blue Jackets 2, SO

A tough shootout loss to the most boring team in the NHL.  Good news, CBJ gets a point on the road.  

Event #5: November 14, 2008
Blue Jackets 6, Buffalo Sabres 1

A tremendous away game against one of the Eastern Conference’s fastest teams.  Leclaire comes up big in goal and Umberger scores twice to lead Jackets.

Event #4: November 12, 2008
Phoenix Coyotes 5, Blue Jackets 2

The home loss to Phoenix demonstrates the power of the dark side. We need more agents in the stands!  We must never give up!  

Event #3: CBJ versus Calgary, November 8, 2008
Blue Hairs with shakers sent to game. Other Blue Hairs popping up around arena.
CBJ wins in overtime 3-1.

Event #2: “The Circle of Salt” Nationwide Arena , November 7, 2008
Our Spiritual Release Specialist salted Nationwide Arena. Salt is used traditionally by shaman and witchdoctors to protect a building from evil.
The salt was first infused with positive spiritual power with several custom incantations.
Then the salt was spread around the entire perimeter of Nationwide Arena.

Game: CBJ versus Montreal. Blue Hairs with shakers sent to game.

CBJ wins in overtime 4-3.

Event #1: CBJ versus Edmonton, November 5, 2008.
We sent a team of six spiritual agents to the game on November 5, 2008 with blue wigs and custom-made shakers to “Shake the Curse.” The result? One of the greatest comeback in CBJ history, 3 goals in the last period to win.

Our first eradication effort worked.

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